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Ljubljana airport taxi Transfer service to Bled resort

Taxi connect to Bled resort from airport Ljubljana price 45 eur personal car


Taxi transfer to Bled tourist spot - We offer for you taxi transfer from airport Ljubljana to Bled lake only 45 eu


Bled is by far the country’s most popular destination. Thanks to its placid fairytale lake and island, this small town is the top choice for travelers who want to spend relaxing holidays in Slovenia. The castle is perched 120 meters on a craggy bluff on the northern shore. The first trace of human settlement dates from the Stone Age. Bled today is a modern resort with many hotels, private apartments, car parks and various local and foreign culinary delights. It is especially renowned for the delicious “kremsnita”, a local sweet. Bled is also famous as a rowing and boat race center. It is the starting point for numerous trips and walks into the beautiful areas surrounding Bled, such as the Pokljuka Gorge, Vintgar, the waterfall under Iglica, Pokljuka plateaux, and Triglav National Park. There is a path that encircles the lake which takes only an hour and one-half to walk around. You can also take a carriage at the Festival Hall for a tour around the lake. On the island you can take a typical “pletna” boat which is steered with only one oar and accommodates about 20 tourists. In the church on the island is the famous “wishing bell” manufactured in 1543. If you make a secret wish, it will come true when you ring the bell.


Ljubljana airport: Taxi transfer to Bled tourist spot - We offer for you taxi transfer to Bled lake only 45 eur


Airport Ljubljana: you can order individualni transfer from to Bled lake with van minibus up 1 + 7 persone only for 70 eur


Ljubljana airport: VIP taxi luxsury transfer with Audi A8 or bmw7 to Bled lake only 70 eur



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Airport Ljubljana: Taxi transfer to Bled  45 eur

Ljubljana city: Taxi transfer to Bled 45 eur

Taxi transfer to Bled from airport Venice 230 eur

Taxi transfer to Bled from airport Treviso 230 eur

Taxi transfer to Bled from airport Trieste 140 eur

Taxi transfer to Bled from airport Klagenfurt 90 eur

Taxi or transfer to Bled from airport Vienna 330 eur


"Taxi LEGEND" transfer service offer for you privat transfers where you want.You can order taxi transfer from airport Ljubljana to Bled resort to tourist spot,to Bled lake,to Bled hotel or to Bled apartment. Ljubljana airport: Fix price to Bled 45 eur for a car and 70 eur for a van transfer.If you arrival on the airport we will be waiting you on the cargo terminal exit with your name.Please send us email and we will be answer you on the evening."Taxi LEGEND" do not Ljubljana airport "shuttle transfer", we do just individual taxi transfer. Ljubljana airport taxi: hi vip luxsury transfer to important congress or to business meeting on Bled, to popular Bled hotels or to Bled apartments on Bled resort.


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